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A Fuente 858
A nicely proportioned cigar with a toothy, perfectly-cured Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that's naturally sweet. The smoke is mild, cedary, and well-balanced.
Oliva Series V Melanio CH
Each Milanio is full-bodied and full-flavored, with unique nuances such as black pepper, freshly-baked bread, and unsweetened cocoa. You might also notice some toast and lightly creamed coffee.
Padron 3000
This Padron 3000 comes teeming with robust flavor, thick, creamy smoke, and Padron's signature notes of coffee and cocoa on the finish.
Padron 1964 Exclusivo
The aging process used for this choice tobacco gives these fine cigars hints of cocoa and other complex aromas that mingle with the fine flavors of the impeccable Maduro wrapper.
Olivia Series G Toro
Smooth and earthy with sweet wood and spice flavors make for a rich-tasting, medium-bodied smoke accompanied by a warm cedar flavor complemented by notes of coffee and subtle nuttiness.
Montecristo Classic Rob
A golden-brown lonsdale with an earthy, woody smoke underscored by notes of coffee and caramel. Richer than it looks.
Acid Kuba Kuba
In this medium-bodied, original Kuba Kuba you'll notice hints of clove, herbs, tea, and lilac bear an intriguing room note.
Tabak Robousto
It's a high-end, smooth-to-medium body blend of premium Nicaraguan fillers infused with the essences of rich Nicaraguan fair trade coffee.

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