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We are a cut about the average store. High Hope offers a wide variety of Smoke, Vape and Piercing products. Our prices are extremely fair and we hand select industry trending inventory on a regular basis. Please feel free to stop by our shop located in Newport, RI and browse our selections. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist you in your selections.


    • Had my nose pierced here about a year and a half ago! Had a really good experience, and Greg is very knowledgeable about cleaning procedures, placement of piercings and jewelry. I had a bad reaction to the hoop, switched it out with a stud, a year later I came and changed the jewelry once it was all healed and Greg was excellent! Would definitely come again.

      Mary McQuaide Avatar
      Mary McQuaide

      Amazing spot and great addition to Westerly. The bar has a NYC vibe that is casual yet trendy. The menu is small but everything I have tried has been amazing. The roasted oysters, steak tartare and burger were absolutely delicious. The star of the menu is the NY strip. I usually don’t bother ordering a steak unless I am at a steak house but this steak but this is the exception. It is the best steak I have ever had (sorry Lugers). My only complaint is reservations are tough to get so plan ahead and you won’t be disappointed.

      Chad Brayman Avatar
      Chad Brayman

      Definitely my best piercing experience yet! Greg was helpful and knowledgeable, and was able to pierce a tricky spot in my ear beautifully. High quality jewelry and aftercare, and overall a great experience, would highly recommend!

      Marlena Tavernier-Fine Avatar
      Marlena Tavernier-Fine
    • This was by far the best place I have ever been to get piercings. I wanted my my double cartilage pierced and Greg really took the time to make sure it was perfect. He was very nice and personable and made it a great experience.

      Samantha Rapping Avatar
      Samantha Rapping

      Greg was absolutely wonderful and made my experience here very well worth it! I came in looking for 3 cartilage piercings to add to my ears and wanted them to be symmetrical to my other earrings. Greg took his time lining up my piercings and I could not be happier with the results!

      Alisa Scivetti Avatar
      Alisa Scivetti

      The most Awesome pipes, all smoky needs, stickers, in town. Most of their stuff, is like pure artwork! And, to top it off, the owner and staff are awesome too.!!

      Jay Hayes Avatar
      Jay Hayes
    • I just got my nose piercing here and the man who helped me was really polite and efficient. The whole process was maybe 10 minutes tops since we set an appointment!

      John Mburu Avatar
      John Mburu

      Beyond impressed with the service with everyone in the store, especially the piercing done by Greg! Brought my teenage daughter in for a cartilage piercing today and Greg made us very comfortable and informed us of everything we needed to know. Would highly recommend!!

      Allyson Welby Avatar
      Allyson Welby

      Been going here for so long and have never been disappointed. Love the environment inside as well as the staff! Greg does all of my piercings and whenever I want one High Hope is my first and only option. Thank you guys for everything!

      Kate Martin Avatar
      Kate Martin
    • I live an hour away and High hope is the only place I get pierced. The attention and care of the staff is top notch at every point in service and they truly guarantee a safe, high quality experience. 10/10 best place to get pierced in RI.

      Patricia Socarras Avatar
      Patricia Socarras

      The staff was super friendly and helpful! The store itself is beautiful and filled with so many different and unique glass pieces and almost any accessory piece one could need! Awesome atmosphere and overall best smoke shop around!

      Gage Aguiar Avatar
      Gage Aguiar

      High Hope is honestly one of the best smoke shops on the island. Everything you need or could ask for they have it. I’ve been in the store more than at least 20 times and never had a bad experience. The manager Greg is amazing with piercings and always willing to help his customers. The employees do such an amazing job and they are a great team which compliments his business very much. All the employees are very educated on all the products that are being sold throughout the store and they are very polite which makes it so much more better! If you have any questions while you’re in the store definitely ask they love to help!

      Shaiann Hazard Avatar
      Shaiann Hazard
    • Was in Newport earlier today and came across a small shop named high hope! Upon entering I was greeted very nicely by a young and older man behind the counter! They were very exceptional with helping me find what I needed and were very friendly throughout the time I was in the store! I would definitely recommend anyone who stops in Newport to stop by this store! HIGH HOPE ROCKS!!! 🙂

      Scott Wilson Avatar
      Scott Wilson

      Such a great experience! Greg was super helpful!! Stoped in real quick to get some earrings taken out that I couldn’t get out myself and he helped me out right away! Would definitely go back to get a piercing!!

      Davi Hertz Avatar
      Davi Hertz

      Getting a piercing with Greg is a positive experience and he’s for sure a knowledgeable piercer. A very informative appointment with a fabulous and straight septum piercing. Will for sure come back for some new jewelry and another piercing once this one heals. Thanks so much!

      Amanda Marshall Avatar
      Amanda Marshall
    • Just got three piercings done at High Hopes in Newport. The owner (Greg) was very nice and knew exactly what he was doing. I loved the angle in which he did my cartilage, and the spacing he put between each piercing he did. He was very gentle and knowledgeable. My piercings are healing great with the after care he provided me with. High Hopes also has a great selection of jewelry for all types of piercings that were beautiful.

      Kylie Lanteri Avatar
      Kylie Lanteri

      Greg was amazing! He squeezed in our whole group and it was amazing! You can tell he genuinely cares about his customers and he was so educational about how to clean everything and take care of it! Go here!!

      Angela Mercaldi Avatar
      Angela Mercaldi

      Great products.Great prices.Great service. I'll definitely be back again.

      Bill Mayer Avatar
      Bill Mayer
    • Little bit shocked went in there the, lot more stuff than I thought, staff was excellent very friendly very helpful, very unique shop you know what you're looking for they'll definitely help you.

      JEFF DIMARZO Avatar

      I’m a regular here the guys are all friendly you will definitely walk out of here with a smile on ya face 😎

      Tyler Strain Avatar
      Tyler Strain

      My daughter and I went in with previously pierced noses that were pierced incorrectly at a different location. The owner couldn’t have been more knowledgeable about aftercare and correct techniques. He fixed us both up and we are now on the mend. Highly recommend this place. Professional and nice guy.

      Ashley Marsh Avatar
      Ashley Marsh
    • Both guys working the store were really chill and really professional. I went in with my gf because she was getting her nose pierced and he helped my get a gauge out of my ear that was stuck free of charge! Great place overall.

      Zack Silveira Avatar
      Zack Silveira

      I got my orbital pierced by Greg. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and had an outgoing personality. Would definitely recommend and will be going again for my future piercings.

      Cassandra Corman Avatar
      Cassandra Corman

      This place has it all. Some of the bongs they carry are top of the line. They have all types of smoking products for the canabis enthusiast. I highly recommend a visit while you enjoy a local resturant. This is one of the best head shops I have been to. I bought this bong for $160.

      Anthony Daria Avatar
      Anthony Daria
    • Excellent smoke shop with amazing variety and selection at great prices! The staff is friendly knowledgeable and very helpful. I will definitely come back to this spot again and again.👍👍

      Alexander Espinoza Avatar
      Alexander Espinoza

      I’ve gotten a few piercings from Greg at High Hope and each experience has been great. He’s always very thorough with his explanations of after care and provides his info for any follow up concerns. Thanks Greg for a pleasant piercing experience!

      Madison Nunes Avatar
      Madison Nunes

      Our piercer was lovely. He pierced my ear while on vacation and still made it a point that I could reach out to him even miles away. He provided me after care, showed me how to use it, and was really detailed the whole time. He was so detailed made sure I liked it as well as looked even (because both my ears are different) and was overall just amazing. The after care has already started clearly up my nose and I went only yesterday ! Truly was an amazing piercer and would be down to visit again solely to get a piercing from him.

      Jazmine Robinson Avatar
      Jazmine Robinson
    • I really enjoyed the service from stix n studs! I got two cartilage piercings today along with my friend. My other friends got seconds and a belly button piercing. All the services were amazing and Greg could not have been more helpful. I’m coming back for a 2 week checkup in 2 weeks. Thank you again! Highly recommend this place!!

      Emily Bruck Avatar
      Emily Bruck

      I come to High Hope/ Stix n Studz for all my piercings and I always have an amazing experience. Greg is very professional and experienced, I always feel very comfortable in the shop! My piercings always heal great and there's a very large selection of jewelry as well. I highly recommend coming here for all your piercing needs.

      Jacqui DiCecco Avatar
      Jacqui DiCecco

      Great spot. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Always leaving high hope with a smile.

      Brian O'Connor Avatar
      Brian O'Connor
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